What Will Every SUCCESSFUL Startup Eventually Feel? 

Startup companies are legitimately focused on the immediate needs of developing their brand and expanding a client base.

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Are Class Action Waivers in Arbitration

On May 21, 2018, in a 5-4 majority decision in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis, No. 16-285, the U.S. Supreme Court found class action waivers in arbitration agreements to be valid and...

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Intern Season is Almost Here

As Spring is fast approaching, so is the race to hire interns for the summer season. As companies work through their internship budgets, there may be good news from the Department of Labor (DOL)...

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New YearNew Employment Laws

With the new year comes new employment laws. While the Trump administration hasn’t demonstrated an eagerness to add to current employment laws and regulations, several states and cities have done so...

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New & Developing HR Trends

While the Trump administration is certain to be making changes going forward that will impact HR and employment practices; today’s most significant HR trends are coming increasingly from the state and local level. Employers are already facing a proliferation of new and expanded..

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New York Says “#MeToo”

New York now joins California, Connecticut, and Maine in mandating that employers provide very specific and detailed sexual harassment policies to their employees and rigorous training...

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Do You Have Employees?

If you have employees, an employee handbook is a critical part of your business. It will establish and communicate your company’s mission, values and policies to your employees and provide the company...

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An Employers' Guide to the 2017 Company Holiday Party

We usually begin the joyful season of December by anticipating fun holiday parties and other seasonal festivities. This year, however, at company holiday parties around the country, it is likely that the sexual assault...

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