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​Many restaurants and hotels have implemented immediate layoffs or are considering potential layoffs, shift reductions, remote work scenarios for management as well as temporary or permanent store or hotel closures. Some are remaining open to serve customers in ways that are permitted by changing government guidance.

Management decisions, even in a time of crisis, should include a check that the actions to be taken are not discriminatory especially in light of two federal laws: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Under these laws, tough decisions like reducing hours and laying off employees should not be based on for instance race, gender, and/or disability.

For those businesses still open decisions should be guided under OSHA requirements for a safe workplace. OSHA recommends businesses have a plan on how to address infectious diseases that may impact the workplace.

Excelerator® is here for you, our HR professionals are available to answer management's questions on creating an HR crisis management plan in these unsettling times, handling employee relations issues and reducing liability.
Coronavirus | Remote Workplace HR Crisis Managemen...
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