Human Resources Services and Products

HR Services and Products

At Excelerator, our team delivers fresh HR solutions, services and products.

Our team is committed to providing our clients with:
  • A superior client experience
  • Deep industry and product expertise
  • Consistency of pricing and service
  • Ease of doing business

HR Services and Products

With a host of services and products custom-tailored to meet the needs of your company, Excelerator can provide retainer- project- or case-specific expertise. We offer the following both to companies without an internal HR department or to assist an existing HR team
HR Compliance guidance and handbook review Package
The review includes:
  • Review/Creation of an Employee Handbook - a critical document that includes the company’s HR policies and procedures. The Employee Handbook is issued to employees to communicate the company policies and lessens the company’s risk exposure by demonstrating compliance to U.S. federal, state and local laws
  • Employee Handbook – a critical document that includes the company’s HR policies and procedures. The Employee Handbook is issued to employees to communicate the company policies and lessens the company’s risk exposure by demonstrating compliance to U.S. federal, state and local laws
  • Review/Creation of New Hire & General Employment Forms – review/creation of new hire & general employment forms for employment. Certain documents are required as part of the employee file and to mitigate risk
  • Compliance and Best Practice Guidance – we serve as your resource to answer questions concerning human resources best practices in compliance with U.S. federal, state, and local employment law requirements
Your Excelerator Consultant
Excelerator Consultants have senior HR and employment law experience in drafting a customized handbook for your company, your Excelerator consultant will:
  • If applicable, review your current employee handbook and policy manual. If you prefer or require a new custom employee handbook, our consultant will provide it
  • Meet with you and help develop appropriate policies for your company
  • Research any special requirements for your industry or location (state and city laws)
  • Create a custom draft of the handbook for your review and input
  • Meet with you to discuss the draft, answer questions and review changes
  • Finalize and publish either in print or electronic format
  • Excelerator Consultants are available for hire to
  • Meet with your employees to roll out the new handbook and answer questions
  • Update your employee handbook annually to reflect employment law developments and operational change

  • The Excelerator HR Compliance Guidance and Handbook Review Package are available on a flat fee basis

HR Health Check Up
Workplace litigation arises and inadequate or out-of-date HR management practices can result in enormous unnecessary risk to your business… regardless of how positive your employee relationships may seem right now.

The good news is that you can use our outsourced HR services to quickly get a handle on your HR and mitigate any unnecessary risks.

Discover how Excelerator can reduce risk and unlock opportunities for your company.
  • We do a holistic evaluation of your HR practices
  • We provide you with an action report/plan based on the highest level risks and opportunities identified  through the Excelerator HR Health Check-Up Audit
  • We help you to implement the changes needed to reduce the risks and realize the the opportunities
Excelerator HR Health Check-Up Audit

Each of your existing processes will be carefully reviewed, including:
  • Recruitment and selection
  • On-boarding
  • Performance management
  • Management of compensation and benefits
  • Complaints management
  • Training and development
  • Organization design
  • Employee engagement
  • HR systems
  • HR compliance
All your documents will be thoroughly reviewed, including:
  • Recruitment and selection tools
  • New-Hire documentation
  • Employment contracts, agreements & awards
  • Position descriptions
  • Performance management & development tools
  • Performance improvement templates
  • Warning templates
  • Talent profiling templates
  • Succession planning templates, and so on
The comprehensive report that follows will give you a good understanding of what you’re doing well and reveal the areas where your HR planning might be falling down. Most importantly, you’ll be one important step closer to making the changes that will get you to sleep-at-night level HR.

The Excelerator HR Health Check-Up Audit is available on a flat fee and retainer basis

Customized HR Advisory and/or Outsourcing Programs | Virtual HR Department

Excelerator provides the following:
  • Dedicated HR Consultant - your virtual HR consultant will be present in your office and/or by phone / video call on a regular basis that fits your needs and available when off-site
  • Virtual HR Department - Excelerator’s team of HR consultants, each with 10+ years of human resource management experience
  • Senior and VP Level Consultants - Our consultants have senior experience in HR management and many have advanced degrees including law JD degrees and business MBA degrees who are available for complex matters
  • HR Outsourcing Programs customized to your needs. As part of our retainer services, Excelerator will perform a review of the service agreements with current and future vendors providing HR services to try to find savings and ensure your company has the best terms. We typically save companies significant dollars through this service

Customized HR Outsourcing Programs | Virtual HR Department

The Excelerator difference includes:
  • Scalability – an entire HR department at your disposal, our HR outsourcing program in many instances costs less than putting an associate level HR  employee on your own payroll
  • Flexibility – virtual HR consultants provide more during times of increased activity
  • Special Projects – recruiting, employee handbook drafting, audits, training etc
  • Objectivity – outside, third party perspective on your challenging employee situations
  • HR Systems – you pick or stay with your existing policies, payroll, HR systems.  We don’t force you into our model
  • Help – virtual HR consultants provide a Helpline for your management and employees HR-related questions
  • Control – you remain the employer and retain full control over the employment relationship. No joint-employment
Human Resources Helplines

HR Helpline for Company Officers and Managers - Officers and managers are provided complimentary access to an HR Helpline to call with questions concerning HR management and employee relations issues. Excelerator HR consultants have real world practical experience and advise companies on many HR challenges including, but not limited to: handling difficult employees; managing attendance and other performance issues; policy enforcement; managing terminations; employee classification issues; HR compliance issues and much more.

The Helpline is staffed by Excelerator HR consultants who are available to take the call. The helpline is available 8:00am – 8:00pm ET, Monday through Friday, and clients can expect a response from an HR Consultant by the next business day.

HR Helpline for Anonymous Complaint Reporting - Our helpline keeps clients compliant with EEOC guidance by enabling employees to report complaints. This can help clients respond and take action to reduce Company exposure and liability. Monthly reporting of activity by reason type is included.

Manager and Employee Training Programs

Providing HR compliance training is critical for every company, as failure to follow certain rules, laws, and regulations that apply to your industry could lead to severe penalties, negative reputation and profitability loss.

The HR function is an important part of your company’s compliance strategy. Part of their job is to educate managers and employees on company policies, as well as ensure compliance with numerous laws and regulations.

Training and development can help employees understand the requirements and regulations they must adhere to, and encourage a learning culture at your company.


  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (compliant with state and local mandatory requirements)
  • Anti-Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Training
  • Discipline & Terminations
  • FMLA and other Mandated Leaves
  • Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Classifications
  • Employment Law Basics
  • Workplace Safety
  • Workplace Violence
  • Workplace Substance Abuse
  • Diversity Training


  • One to One
  • Workshop/Classroom
  • E-Learning


  • Management Skills Training
  • Human Resource Professional Training
  • Sales and Customer Service
  • Product


  • Program design
  • Instructional design
  • Content development
  • Competency design
  • Branding and communication
  • Training program deployments and roll outs
  • Video, graphic design
  • Multi-media course development
  • Learning Management System (“LMS”)
Tailored Services
  • Health and Wellness Programs - Services improve the health of your employees and drive down costs
  • ACA Compliance - Services ensure your business is compliant with all of the Affordable Healthcare Act requirements
  • Benefit Programs - Services include set up new and review current benefit programs to find cost effective solutions
  • Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment Insurance - Services include assessment of history to lessen risks and lower costs
  • Organization Design and Planning | Talent Management | Compensation Analysis | Employee Relations and Performance Management Support

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