Skip Resolutions and Make 5 HR Commitments in 2020

Stop making resolutions and instead make 5 HR Commitments in 2020.
Based on HR trends that Excelerator® has tracked, here are 5 commitments your company should consider making in 2020:

1. Get a big-picture idea of the year ahead
This is an important commitment, and it takes less time than you think. Calendar important dates, including HR and Payroll compliance requirements and deadlines, updates to your employment handbook policies and procedures, mandatory employee training, review of your HR and Payroll procedures and record keeping, and ACA reporting deadlines. Once you have concrete dates accounted for, spend some time learning more about workplace trends, so you are prepared for the new year. Taking some time in January can set you up for success in 2020. We have resources available to make this planning fast and easy.

2. Commit to hiring diverse candidates
Often the most innovative and revenue positive companies have the most diverse workplaces. A wide variety of experiences and perspectives on hand to solve problems provides a competitive advantage. If your current workplace doesn't have people with varied skills and backgrounds in positions at all levels, consider a commitment to creating a more diverse workplace in 2020. A few topics to think about on how to create and nurture a diverse workplace include:

  • Managing an age diverse workforce
  • What to expect from Generation Z
  • Hiring veterans
  • Encouraging female leadership in your organization

3. Improve managing employee performance
How long has it been since you've evaluated your performance review process? If you're still doing it the way it's always been done—one single meeting with each employee every year— you're probably doing a disservice to the people who work with you, and you're almost certainly not getting the best out of your employees. To encourage continued improvement, it's a good idea to move toward having more regular conversations with employees about their goals, what they're learning, and how they can be more effective at their jobs.

4. Make payroll processes run more smoothly
If you've spent too much time on your payroll process for the past several years, it's time to make a change. Commit to finding a way to become more efficient at it in 2020, so you can find more time to work on things that make your workplace better for you and your coworkers.

5. Stay on top of what's going on in your Industry
To stay at the top of your game in 2020, know what other companies in your industry are talking about and trying in their workplaces. This year, commit to continually sharpening your understanding by reading industry articles, listening to podcasts, or signing up for in-person events. Another easy way to stay on top of what's happening in your industry is at Excelerator® Our Thinking. There you will find new HR articles on topics including HR and Payroll compliance, employment handbook policies and procedures, performance management, payroll best practices, and industry trends. Our short in-depth articles help you stay informed and conversant about the most important issues affecting your workplace.

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