Employee HR Helpline

What is the Employee HR Helpline?

The Employee HR Helpline is a service that allows employees to report inappropriate or unethical behavior in the workplace through the phone. Rather than filing an internal formal written complaint about a coworker or a manager, many employees prefer to send in anonymous complaints through their organization’s Employee HR Helpline service.

If an employee is uncomfortable with sharing their concerns in person, the Employee HR Helpline is a good alternative to start off. The Employee HR Helpline also keeps your organization compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) guidance by enabling employees to report complaints.

Common Employee Complaints and What They Report

There are many workplace situations that can require an employee complaint whether it’s against a coworker, a boss, or about the work environment in general. The table below explains the top 5 types of complaints Human Resources departments in the US receive each year:
An employee is treated differently or unfairly because of their age, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, nationality, disability, pregnancy or maternity.
An employee is met with repeated acts of intimidation, aggressive behavior, exclusion and unreasonable work demands by another employee or a group of colleagues.
An employee experiences a hostile working environment that threatens his or her productivity at work. Many variations of harassment include verbal, physical, and sexual harassment or emotional abuse and cyberbullying.
Unethical behavior
An employee can report unethical behavior when they witness a violation of moral and legal obligations in the workplace. Unethical behavior constitutes the falsification of company documents, employee theft or violence, misuse of work hours, and more.
Violations of the Law
An employee can report illegal behavior as well as illicit activity taking place in the workplace. Unlawful activity includes criminal activity, failure to pay wages, and bribery.


There are a number of ways that the Employee HR Helpline can benefit both employees and your organization:

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  • Organizations should make reporting of inappropriate behavior a priority to be compliant with EEOC guidance. With the anonymous Employee HR Helpline, employees are able to easily report inappropriate workplace behavior by phone. These reports are crucial to HR and an organization’s management to halt unethical or disruptive activities in the workplace, and eventually build better policies to prevent subsequent incidents.
  • Complainants, if they want, stay anonymous. Complainants now have the choice to protect their identity or not when making a complaint. This encourages those employees who would rather not let their identity be known to come forward with necessary complaints.
  • Reporting is accessible and efficient. The Employee HR Helpline is easily accessible by phone for any complainant 24/7. Unlike the standard HR complaints process where both the complainant and management have to be physically present for the complaint to be made, the Employee HR Helpline makes the process easier and more efficient.
  • Employees feel valued by management. When an organization allows for complaints and reports to be quickly made and, if selected, made anonymously, employees feel HR values their voice. Because the organization ensures anonymity and confidentiality, employees are more inclined to trust management.

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