Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Did you know a single harassment claim can cost your business thousands of dollars? Even if you have Employment Practices Liability Insurance, the deductible is often high and the money to pay a claim comes directly from your businesss. Aside from the financial implications, harassment can seriously damage a company’s culture and reputation. That’s why it’s important to reduce your risks through training.

Excelerator® offers a host of options to help you complete your Sexual Harassment Prevention Training quickly and efficiently!

Train Online

Excelerator® now offers Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for mobile, desktop and tablet. Fully compliant with federal, state and local guidelines, and easily accessed, you can trust that your employees will be able to complete their training easily and efficiently.

With tracking enabled, you’ll be able to see when your employees have completed their training so you can stay on top of compliance.

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Train In Person

Excelerator® also offers in-person training in both one-on-one and team settings. We’ll help design a program that fits your business, culture, and needs. Personalized service is our mission.

We strive to make sure the training reflects your specific business needs.

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