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Excelerator® helps cannabis companies with human resources, product training, recruiting, payroll and HR compliance training and risks in the ever-changing cannabis regulatory environment.

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Cultivators are divided into three categories: indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse. Although there is some outdoor cultivation, most cultivation exposure is either indoor with the aid of grow lights, or in greenhouses.


Manufacturers integrate the cannabis and hemp into other edible or ingestible products including, but not limited to: baked goods, candies, oils, shatters or other edibles. Manufacturers must produce the edible and/or topical goods in commercial kitchens or approved state facilities (subject to individual state regulations).


Dispensaries and retail operations are eligible for the program. Onsite consumption is approved for retail and/or dispensary classifications unless the state regulations prohibit the use of cannabis and hemp on the premises of the dispensary or retail operation.


Third Party Processors/Harvesters are companies that contract to harvest, process, quarantine and test approved cannabis and hemp products. This classification can be used in conjunction with the cultivation classification, if that cultivator is also providing third party contracted services.


Wholesale/Distributors engage in the sale of goods or merchandise to retailers or other distributors. Products are typically stored and shipped out of the warehouse or distribution center.


Excelerator provides HR services and products to a variety of ancillary business that support the cannabis, CBD and hemp industry including equipment manufacturers, white labeling operations, branding companies, hydroponic stores, and many more.


Laboratories can be a stand-alone operation, or part of a larger vertically integrated operation in conjunction with other program classifications. All laboratories must adhere to state and local laws in the state they operate in.


Delivery services classified as one of the following: approved classification to patient, approval classification to approved classification (for example, manufacturer to dispensary), sub-contracted and delivers to an approved classification.

Our services

Product Training

Excelerator’s Tailored Product Training for Employees and Management

Increase in revenue is a desired aspect of strategic partnerships. Excelerator’s product training to drive sales is a competitive tool for the cannabis industry that cannot be overlooked.

Excelerator has over 20 years experience training employees and management at publicly traded billion dollar retailers on CBD, Hemp, wellness, supplements, vitamins, and other products. Our tailored product training is sought after by these businesses to create new revenue.
Customers may be hesitant or worried about purchasing cannabis or hemp products due to a bad experience because of a purchase where an employee did not properly explain the product. Through Excelerator’s tailored training of employees on products, we can assist your employees in explaining products to elevate your brand’s reputation which is valuable in cannabis.

Customized Employee Handbook

This critical document includes the company’s HR policies and procedures.

The Employee Handbook is issued to employees to communicate the company policies and lessens the company’s risk exposure by demonstrating compliance to U.S. federal, state and local laws.

HR Audit

We perform an evaluation of your company's HR practices by reviewing 9+ major areas of HR. The HR audit includes an action report/plan based on the highest-level risks and opportunities identified through our review and analysis.

We help your company implement the changes needed to reduce the risks and realize the opportunities.

HR Advisory Services

We serve as your company's resource to answer questions concerning human resources best practices in compliance with U.S. federal, state, and local employment law requirements including immigration, employee relations and HR management.

A dedicated HR consultant with 10+ years of HR professional experience provides support on employee and HR matters, such as employee relations, general HR questions, and guidance related to compliance. Includes support on HR Program development such as HR Set-up, New Hire Orientation, performance management and the termination process.

Recruiting and Sourcing Candidates

Excelerator can help find the people that are the best fit for your cannabis company. We take the time to learn about your company and then develop a progressive plan to find the candidates that will excel.

Training Projects

We provide tailored training programs based on your company's needs. This includes training in a variety of areas to include Sexual & General Harassment; Anti-Discrimination; Diversity; Retaliation; Anti-Bullying; Performance Management; Conflict Resolution, and; How to Train and Coach Employees.

Also, employee training at the retail level can dramatically improve sales and help inform consumers and patients. Unfortunately, there are employees in dispensaries without proper training and some are put in positions to recommend specific strains to patients that may not be accurate, increasing the risk of liability to the business and lost business. Getting proper training is important, no matter which cannabis job an employee has with the business.

Training can be delivered in-person, virtual and/or online via Excelerator’s Learning Management System (LMS).

Learning Management System (LMS) for Online Training & Tracking

Our cloud-based LMS supports our online training projects. The Excelerator® LMS automates training, course registration, tracking and reporting, in one easy-to-use online platform available on mobile, tablet or computer. LMS training courses include those mentioned under the Training Projects tab in the services list. Our LMS can also be customized to host your company’s owned and/or licensed content.

HR Employee Helpline

Complaint Reporting – We provide a phone number and e-mail for your company's employees to report complaints.

Internal Workplace Investigations

Our HR professionals conduct impartial and deep dive investigations considering the complexities of employment matters. We provide an unbiased and external component to lend credibility and objectivity in often challenging investigations. We have access to experts in a number of fields which can sometimes be of assistance in certain sensitive areas of internal investigations.

HR Set-Up Checklist

We review an HR set-up checklist with your company to advise on your current HR set-up and provide recommendations.

Payroll Services

We offer payroll administration services to manage your company’s day to day payroll. The payroll team gathers, processes and audits payroll-related information each pay period, including new hires, terminations, wage changes, department transfers, allocation changes, and deduction and benefit changes.

Our payroll team performs a variety of payroll calculations to process special payments, manual checks, replacement checks and final checks. Our payroll team maintains employee information in your Human Resource Information System (HRIS)/payroll system and employee payroll files.

Our payroll team is the primary point of contact for employee payroll inquiries. The team serves as the reporting function and liaison with your payroll provider (ADP, Paychex, Paylocity) or, if needed, we can make a recommendation on a payroll provider.

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